Dedicated Teams Model: Pros and Cons

Furthermore, efficient resource scaling allows for cost optimization, ensuring that the team size aligns with project requirements, and avoiding unnecessary expenses. Finally, cost-effective collaboration within the dedicated team, facilitated by effective communication and project management, leads to reduced error rates and further cost savings. A dedicated software development team is a group of remote specialists that you hire to hire dedicated natural language processing developers design and build a new system or contribute to your ongoing project. This team is officially employed by your tech vendor and, in most cases, works exclusively on your project. Hiring a dedicated development team can significantly enhance productivity. When team members are exclusively dedicated to a specific project or client, they can give their undivided attention and concentrated expertise, resulting in improved productivity.

benefits of working with a dedicated team

Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and it can be challenging for in-house teams to keep up with the latest trends and advancements. Dedicated development teams prioritize staying abreast of industry changes and continuously update their skills and knowledge. This ensures that your project benefits from the most current and effective development practices.

How can you be sure a dedicated development team model is right for the project?

As a technology provider, we need to understand if an idea is implementable within a given timeframe and, if yes, what it will take to bring it to life. To get all the necessary information, we conduct a series of Q&A sessions with a client and gather requirements, learn about limitations and primary objectives. It allows you to scale your development resources up and down very fast. Dedicated team is also flexible, especially if you work with a resourceful partner able to quickly adjust to your changing needs. But dedicated team is a team, so a significant change in team composition or headcount may take more time and adjustments.

Even if you have calculated everything and set the price beforehand, you may face the necessity to bear extra costs also on the stage of hiring a team. Dynamic projects are usually accompanied by unpredictable changes that may, in turn, cause additional costs. Consequently, there won’t be any disagreements between you, your dedicated staff and the provider. Also, you can save on other administrative costs of your business such as physical facilities, hardware or software. By working devotedly on one of your projects, developers significantly contribute to the value of the whole company and increase your returns. Modern communication facilities and project tracking tools as Redmine, JIRA, Skype, Slack and others make this process interactive, fast and easy.

Dedicated Teams Model: Pros and Cons

If you have successfully completed the previous steps, this stage is rather symbolic. Before the launch date, the vendor should prepare all the final papers and deal with any legal issues. Story points are a common metric in agile project development; find out how to use them to your benefit. And while numbers and figures get most of the attention, there’s little talk about the different approaches to pricing – and which one is better suited for what kind of project. All of these can dramatically increase agility and lead to a better customer experience.

benefits of working with a dedicated team

Companies are urged to facilitate remote work for their in-house software engineers. In-housers now have to adopt a new model of work that outsource specialists have already mastered. The ability to work remotely and efficiently is essential as never before. All newly hired State employees are subject to and must successfully complete the Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification Program (E-Verify). • Successfully complete the Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification Program (E-Verify), applicable to all newly hired State employees.

Delegated management

The goal of every dedicated development team is not only to get the job done but also to make you feel like they are part of the company for the duration of the project. So, they adapt to your corporate culture, company processes, and communication methods. This way, even though your team of developers works remotely, you interact with them as if they were in your office. Moreover, since the team is formed of the vendor’s employees, they may have already worked together before. So, they know how to quickly join the workflow and adapt, requiring little time to coordinate as a team.

benefits of working with a dedicated team

All of this can be mitigated by having a dedicated software development team in place. In this article, we answer that question and more by focusing on the benefits of a dedicated software development team tailored to your requirements. Moreover, let’s figure out where and how to find and hire such a team, and how to effectively manage it. Another advantage of a dedicated team model is the possibility for clients to select, and manage every working process of a dedicated team. There are software engineers, quality assurance specialists, UI/UX designers and a project manager at the client’s disposal. Working with dedicated teams is one of the key ingredients to a successful recipe for delivering projects in an Agile manner.

Three benefits of design thinking

Utilize project management tools, instant messaging platforms, and regular video conferences to ensure everyone is on the same page. A dedicated project manager acts as a single point of contact, providing regular updates and coordinating tasks between team members. This centralized approach eliminates the need for constant follow-ups and reduces the risk of miscommunication or delays. The project manager also ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime. Another significant advantage of hiring a dedicated development team is the flexibility and scalability it offers. In today’s dynamic business environment, requirements can change rapidly, and projects may need to be adjusted accordingly.

  • Design thinking is an iterative process, meaning that as soon as the team validates the solution, it can go back to the previous step with new insights.
  • It’s not unusual, for example, to have a product team and tech leadership on a client’s side and a project manager or Scrum master in a dedicated team.
  • Pretty much everything you need to know about the DTM approach to outsourcing.
  • This depends largely on the specification of the project and the size of the dedicated team, which makes the price for this model lower by 10-20%.
  • While most companies have already adopted remote work, now they can expand their teams with talent worldwide.

“When thinking about tech experiences, focus on the tasks the employee wants to do, rather than on the tech itself. Then you’ll be able to find the right combinations and configurations of tech to create a smooth employee experience for every task they do,” Westerman said. A virtual or remote design thinking session has to have the same magic and mojo as in-person brainstorming.

Verify their experience

Working hand in hand with a dedicated team of developers, you understand the specifics of the whole process. Dedicated development teams are ideal for those well aware of the roadmap, iteration stages of a project and are willing to invest money on a permanent basis. Its primary task is to find the specialists who meet the client’s requirements regarding tech skills, expertise, and project scope.

benefits of working with a dedicated team

With their specialized skills, they can quickly grasp project requirements, devise optimal strategies, and execute tasks promptly. Dedicated teams also possess a streamlined workflow and effective collaboration practices, allowing them to work seamlessly and reduce time wastage. With a devoted software solution creation team, you can benefit from a streamlined development process. The team follows a well-defined workflow, eliminating bottlenecks and unnecessary delays.

Let’s sum up

The ability to eliminate these additional expenses is of paramount importance during times of economic crisis. Helping employees feel connected and evolving to meet the fast-paced needs of a tech-driven world are helpful — if not essential — in retaining employees, Madison said. “Can I [cut your workday] by 10 minutes because the tools are more efficient? Are you better at your job because you’re given access to tools that break down less?

High quality of output and smooth deliveries are the pillars of trust between a client and a vendor. This is why we promote the culture of tech excellence and pixel-perfect design among our specialists and make sure it translates into the quality of the software we build. The first thing we do when we receive a request and talk about a project idea is to assess its potential and feasibility.


The advantages carried by this model are applying to both the client and the company providing the services, but most importantly it has a big positive impact on the project delivery. A dedicated team does not have to worry about administrative, HR, taxation, and other employee benefits issues. As a result, you can concentrate on high-level business issues while your dedicated development teams take care of everything else. If you need to get a dedicated team of developers and want to hire a nearshore outsourcing web development firm, contact our team. First, there’s a large gap between rates and salary expectations in different locations. A group of experts with a proven track record of successful projects similar to yours won’t cost the Earth, especially an outsourced dedicated development team in Eastern Europe.

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