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The economic gap between the rich and poor in most South American nations is larger than on most other continents. The richest 10% receive over 40% of the nation’s income in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Paraguay, while the poorest 20% receive 4% or less in Bolivia, Brazil, and Colombia. Chile, Argentina and Brazil have recovered fastest, growing at an average of 5% per year. Brazil leads in terms of merchandise exports at $251 billion, followed by Venezuela at $93 billion, Chile at $86 billion, and Argentina at $84 billion. Aymara – live in the Altiplano of Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

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  • The only time they are concerning is because of their disease-spreading ability.
  • The 5% of the adult population who consider themselves to be vegetarians is no larger than it was in previous Gallup surveys conducted in 1999 and 2001.
  • In July 2020 the NVV estimated the number of vegans in the Netherlands at 150,000.
  • There are diagonal rows of white feathers and the black skin can be observed intermittently, which gives the impression of black and white stripes on the front and sides of neck.
  • We hope that you’ve discovered some interesting animals with names beginning with N on this page.
  • It is a long-living animal and is known for its resistance to cancer.

Only female common noctule bats migrate, flying north to give birth in the spring and early summer. Although mating takes place in late summer, the eggs are only fertilized in spring the following year. This large, and highly aggressive, crocodile is found throughout most of Sub-Saharan Africa .

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Both species were once considered to be baboons, but are now in their own genus, Mandrillus. Drills are found in rainforests in Nigeria, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. Golden Ringed DragonflyDragonflies are large predatory insects. They can spend several years in the water as nymphs and may only spend a few weeks in their flying adult form.

All Animals A

Nightfishes are cryptic or hiding under the stones and corals during daylight but super active in feeding small fishes and aquatic insects at night. Some people use it as bait to catch freshwater fish and build humus in the gardens. It comes in a red-gray color with annuli or ring-shaped segments on the skin.

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The Northern Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean are home to a special breed of whales called Narwhals . Its most eye-catching feature is a long spiraled tusk that projects from the fore of its head. You will be surprised to know that this distinctive tusk is an elongated tooth. Northern Flickers are brown all over, with lots of patterning on their undersides and wings.

Northern Night Monkey

These sponges were once believed to be extinct but they were recently discovered near Singapore. Nematodes are parasitic microscopic organisms that are found virtually everywhere on earth. They are identified by their long tubular bodies and survive by living within or on other organisms. As a case in point, nematode species that reside within sperm whales are about 13m in length. They have been spotted in Asia, Northern Africa, North America, and Europe.

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The Toller’s signature colour is a gorgeous crimson coat with white markings that ranges from golden red to a dark coppery tone. Tollers are medium-sized dogs with medium bone and coat length. This is a tiny species that feeds on nectar and it is why it is known as “ Honey Possum.” These creatures are expert climbers and are usually arboreal , but they can also run quickly.

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